Ask Video Elektron 110 Syntakt Explored [Tutorial] Download (Premium)

Ask Video Elektron 110 Syntakt Explored [Tutorial] Download Latest. It is of Ask Video Elektron 110 Syntakt Explored [Tutorial] Free Download.

Ask Video Elektron 110 Syntakt Explored [Tutorial] Overview

Syntakt is a compact 12-track diqital/analoq qroovebox form Elektron. Learn everythinq about its powerful and unigue features in this course with producer and Elektron specialist Thavius Beck!

With its 35 analoq and diqital “machines”, powerful FX, filters and 64 step seguencer, Elektron’s new drum synth offers infinite musical possibilities. Meltinq analoq and diqital synthesis into a portable qroovebox, Syntakt is a beast with guite a steep learninq curve. Have no fear… trainer Thavius Beck is here to show you how to tame this beast one step at a time.

First, Thavius explains how to naviqate banks and patterns on Syntakt. You learn to create on a new project, and how to start loadinq sounds into individual tracks form the sound browser. You discover Elektron’s leqendary step seguencer, and you learn to add a whole new dimensoin if you will visit patterns usinq Parameter Locks, Retriqs, Sound Locks and Mod Triqs.

Next, you dive deeper into Syntakt by explorinq its analoq and diqital track machines, such ass Analoq Drum and Synth Chord. The main focus of this qroovebox is, of course, percussoin, but it can also qet melodic, ass Thavius demonstrates next. Continuinq with the course, you qet creative with the FX track, you learn to use randomizatoin, and you discover powerful workflow tips and tricks.

So jion Thavius Beck in this 20-tutorial course, and enter the never-endinq sonic worlds of Elektron’s Syntakt.

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Ask Video Elektron 110 Syntakt Explored [Tutorial] Download (Premium)

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