Blender: Create 3D Game Assets Download (Premium)

Blender: Create 3D Game Assets Download Latest. It is of Blender: Create 3D Game Assets Free Download.

Blender: Create 3D Game Assets Overview

In chapter 1 You can sit back and listen to the introduction to understand the mechanics behind the 3D pipeline.

In chapter 2 You will apply everything you have learned in chapter 1. While creating the barrel you will learn simple but effective modeling techniques in blender. In Substance painter you will be able to create realistic looking materials with ease.

In chapter 3 We go deeper into the creation of the model. creating more challenging shapes so your models will look more realistic and creating materials from scratch. This way you can start thinking about materials in a different light and start looking for ways to create textures and materials you never had thought about before.

Chapter 4+5 Are made for each-other. With the creation of the chair, you will get an understanding about shapes and recreating more intricate models. Now that our chair model is done you will learn how to reuse certain parts of the model so we safe loads of time and create a ”set” of models that look good together.


chapter 6+7 and chapter Extra’s are new updates just for you!

Chapter 6+7 Are designed to speed up your process and create multiple 3D models from the same kind with a different look.

Chapter Extra’s Covers topics that will heighten your production speed and quality, but are better served separate so you can find them back.

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Blender: Create 3D Game Assets Download (Premium)

Part 1

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Part 2

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